• B2B Cloud Services – Overview

    Easily connect your trading partner network while reducing TCO of B2B integration and collaboration

B2B Cloud Services – Overview

B2B Integration Realities

Today, organizations are trying to achieve unprecedented levels of B2B integration and collaboration while supporting a growing number of trading partners and transactions, numerous legacy systems, and complex business processes.  At the same time they’re faced with a scarcity of B2B integration experts, tighter budgets and a staff that is working beyond capacity.

Moving B2B Integration to the Cloud

For many, a compelling solution for these challenges is to move B2B integration and collaboration to the cloud.  And through our partnership with IBM, we can provide you a comprehensive Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, including efficient provisioning, infrastructure, business process management, support, and reporting.  This solution offers greater business value at a lower TCO than is typically available from an in-house managed solution.

With our cloud-based B2B integration and collaboration services, we can manage part or all of your B2B integration and EDI infrastructure, enabling you to:

  • Reduce the TCO of your B2B operations
  • Increase the reliability and performance of your B2B operations
  • Improve onboarding and management of your trading partners, resulting in improved satisfaction

Webcast: B2B Integration and MFT in the Cloud

B2B Cloud Services Solutions Through our Partnership with IBM

  • IBM® Sterling B2B Collaboration Network - A cloud-based B2B integration solution that provides secure and reliable connectivity and collaboration with customers and business partners.
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services –  Building upon the cloud-based B2B integration and visibility capabilities of IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network, we provide comprehensive managed services for partner onboarding, B2B process management, and trading partner support.
  • IBM Sterling File Transfer Service – A cloud service for your file-based B2B interactions and an alternative to your on-premise managed file transfer solution.  We’ll help you communicate with your partners through a single, secure, reliable connection while minimizing the the capital expense and operational impact.

Learn more about our B2B cloud services through the links above, and contact us to discuss your needs.