New applications boost supply processes

Companies considering new supply chain management solutions but unable to spend a long time on the integration process can gain value from SAP’s OnDemand line of cloud-based software. SAP integration with the rest of the IT infrastructure can add capabilities in many areas, including sourcing. The company recently announced a new wave of its sourcing application.

“SAP Sourcing OnDemand gave us the strong sourcing functionality to capture the end-to-end negotiation cycle with our suppliers, as well as the added benefit of being up and running in weeks, not months,” said Peter Fotios of the Kerry Group, which recently added the application.

The new SAP software boasts procurement and contract management features, as well as integration with other SAP products. Companies with strong A2A integration can boost their efficiency, as data can flow smoothly through a system’s infrastructure and on to its partners.

Procurement is an area that underlies the entire supply chain and is vital to its success, according to Supply Chain Management contributor Emily Butcher. Procurement officers are concerned with improving the processes involved, using data to self-evaluate and always pushing for better numbers. A new software solution could be what companies need to make sure their processes are smooth and their ordering procedures optimized.

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