Retail supply chains benefit from deploying tablets

Sleek, portability and easy-to-use capabilities continue to make tablet devices popular among a growing number of industries. Many businesses also like the on-the-go access to to traditional solutions, as employees are no longer tied down to their desks, according to a CNN Money report.

The retail industry, in particular, is utilizing tablets for a wide range of reasons, including the ability to access mission-critical information virtually anywhere at any time. Retail decision-makers that use these devices can also accelerate communications and improve customer service by supplying products that are high in demand, the news source said.

For example, using tablets in supply chains can help decision-makers gain a 360-degree view of their business. By receiving and analyzing real-time information about purchasing habits of consumers, businesses can improve supply chain management by reducing the need for unnecessary inventory, CNN Money noted.

Tablets can also improve employee efficiency because of their portability, flexibility and functionality. As a result, supply chains, retail organizations and logistics companies can provide a higher quality experience for their workers, enhancing productivity and offering new opportunities to grow, according to a TabTimes report.

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