Lack of breach preparedness evident, even in high risk sectors

Data loss prevention is important for organizations of all sizes yet problems are still frequently discovered, even among high-risk targets for data thieves. As details emerge on the recent hacking of the Utah Social Security system, it has become clear that the breach is worse than first suspected, presenting a stark case for the adoption of advanced data security measures.

“We understand clients are worried about who may have accessed their personal information, and that many of them feel violated by having their information compromised,” health deputy director Michael Hales told the Associated Press. “But we also hope they understand we are doing everything we can to protect them from further harm.”

The AP reports that the breach occurred on a server with multiple levels of security. The single weak link in the system, a sub-standard password, was enough for hackers to compromise the data.

Even public figures with large public profiles have proven vulnerable to breaches. In a study determined to discover the relative security of GOP presidential hopefuls’ websites, security site performed in-depth scans. Each website contained several vulnerabilities, with Rick Santorum’s website the weakest. It contained 98 features that attackers could exploit at the time of the scan.

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