Cyber criminals use sophisticated methods to attack data security

An executive from the security company Stonesoft said recently that cyber criminals perpetrate data breaches with the use of 200 separate evasion techniques.

Hackers use the multitude of techniques to circumvent many data loss prevention measures, the security expert said. He noted that cyber criminals use the techniques in infinite combinations to launch a wide array of attacks to get around security measures on a company's network.

"Field tests and experimental data show many of the existing network security solutions fail to detect these techniques and thus fail to block the attack inside," stated a ComputerWeekly report. One expert said 99 percent of security measures are vulnerable to attack.

Such attacks could result in data loss or data breaches that can cost companies millions in recovery efforts.

It would seem now is the time for companies to step up data security, but a recent study found the opposite is true. While more than half of respondents suffered a data breach in the past 12 months, 58 percent admitted to spending three hours or less on security measures each week. And many said their security spending would remain flat or decrease in the coming year.

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