Importance of data loss prevention increasing

As companies continue to produce more enterprise data than ever before, the need for a data loss prevention solutions has also become increasingly important, according to a new report from Info-Tech Research Group.

In its study entitled Select an Enterprise Data Loss Prevention Solution, the research firm encouraged companies to deploy a solution that will protect their critical information.

According to Info-Tech Research, internal breaches are three times as common as external attacks and nearly as common as malware incidents. A DLP solution can protect a company from all of these vulnerabilities.

"An investment in DLP will provide the enterprise with a tool designed to control these threats – a tool that is aware of all enterprise data, of where it resides, of how it moves, with the power to enforce automated responses to inappropriate activity," the report concluded.

The problem many companies are finding when it comes to data loss prevention is that solutions are expensive and can be difficult to deploy. That's why Gil Schwed, the chief executive of data security vendor Check Point, recently called on his colleagues to work to ease these challenges so more companies can deploy security solutions.

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