Sustain marketplace growth with B2B integration

When a company plans to merge with another enterprise or expand its business into new markets, certain acquisitions typically take place. The company may buy out another company, purchase new branches of a supply chain or invest in other resources to extend operations and capabilities to accommodate increased consumer demands. To properly synchronize the new components of business operations with existing infrastructure and capabilities, companies turn to business integration tools that ensure Read more [...]

With new federal regulations, supply chain visibility is front and center

The healthcare industry is undergoing significant change, as the federal government continues to implement new regulations focused on improving cost efficiency, boosting clinical outcomes and connecting patients with information and treatment plans. This comes amid skyrocketing expenses for providers. Considering the cost of healthcare has continued to rise for several years, industry leaders and federal agencies are working together to revamp the way services are delivered. The goal is to reduce Read more [...]

Proper Business Integration can spur international growth

Business integration tools are becoming a vital component to any business model in the current economic environment. Companies are no longer satisfied with dominating a local or national market. Increased connectivity capabilities are spurring companies to seek out international customers, relying on business integration solutions to accelerate expansion without leaving operations disjointed across country borders. In an interview with Herald Online, Richard Pullman, vice president of channels Read more [...]

IT Integration key to dissecting Big Data

Companies of all industries are constantly evolving, growing or merging together to meet customer demands while innovating with new ideas and offerings. As a result, companies must invest in business integration tools to ensure all mergers and acquisitions are completed efficiently. This investments may also guarantee the integration of the multiple entities is seamless and cost effective. One major challenge for many companies joining forces is dealing with volumes of big data being generated Read more [...]

Supply Chain Management benefits from mobile technologies

A new study from Frost and Sullivan suggests transport operators, fleet companies, IT service providers and other members of the supply chain are all thriving as mobile integrators. New business integration platforms that leverage mobile technologies are increasing access to information in real-time, helping all branches of a supply chain stay connected and work at high levels of productivity. As more companies rely on integration technology to consolidate supply chain management practices, the Read more [...]

Specialized software for Business Integration

Companies looking to enter into new markets or merge with other businesses must deploy business integration tools to ensure high levels of efficiency and productivity throughout the transition. The tools not only consolidate efforts regarding growth and expansion, but also ensure other operations throughout the company are on the same page and working cooperatively to reduce errors and increase revenue potential. The integration solutions may also be customized to focus on implementing certain Read more [...]

Look to Supply Chain Logistics to save money

Corporations are constantly looking for ways reduce spending while increasing efficiency. Many are adopting logistics tools and adding them to their supply chain management strategies to save money without disrupting operational flow and output. Business2Community reported logistics are a commonly underrated component in a supply chain. Transporting goods between locations throughout the chain is an important part of the process, ensuring processes stay on schedule and items are delivered effectively. Read more [...]

Going green: Help your supply chain management while helping the environment

Corporations worldwide are rebounding from the economic downturn through best practices and reductions in cost. Finding new ways to increase efficiency, many industry leaders are adopting greener supply chain management strategies to improve the environmental performance of operations. When supply chains look to innovate and deploy greener solutions, management solutions must be in place to ensure all branches of the corporation are adopting the new technology. Managers must connect each link Read more [...]

What CIOs are missing in their IT Services

CIOs and small business owners have a lot on their plates and must learn to delegate certain tasks and responsibilities in order to be a good leader for the company. One way many companies are able to expand into new markets without breaking the budget on new hires is to outsource their IT functions to a third party provider. In doing so, companies can focus on their niche markets, products or services, and the provider can take care of IT logistics in-house or remotely. Not having to invest in computing Read more [...]

IT audit outsourcing: Leave it to the professionals

Many industries are looking to outsource IT services to a qualified provider to ensure the tasks are completed efficiently. Working with IT service providers allows businesses to invest minimally in IT infrastructure, while enjoying high return on investment in the IT department as well as other sectors of the firms. Companies can then allocate freed-up manpower and resources to other departments for product and service innovation, marketing and other tasks. By outsourcing IT services, companies Read more [...]